Cross-Chain Defi
Yields For All.

Bridging Ethereum, Polkadot, and future
chains yield-farming into a decentralized protocol.

Get the Yields You Deserve.
No Matter the Pool, or Chain.


Farming Yields should be fair & simple.

With Dripp, we take the guess and check from which yield pool to join. You'll get exposure, across multiple chains.


Popular Pools At Your Fingertips.

From Ethereum-based pools like Uniswap, Balancer, Sushiswap, Curve, to upcoming pools on Polkadot and other Web3 chains.


Paving the way with vaults.

Make your cyrpto work for YOU. Add to the vault and accrue free DRIP over time. Dripp Vaults feature unique trading strategies, ensuring the success of the chain and consistently high APY for participants.

Token Sale

DRIP tokens will be distributed prior to main launch in three stages. Private Pre-Sale, for whitelisted addresses and/or participants contributing greater than 5 ETH. Pre-Sale, a period where early particpiants can earn bonus DRIP. Then lastly, the Public Sale, bonus is removed but participants still get early access to DRIP tokens.

Stage 01


Stage 02


Stage 03

Public Token Sale

don’t miss your BONUS

Pre-Sale is Starting Soon!

Head over to our Official Discord to learn how you can get started participating in our token sale!